Inclusive Printing System

     We provide a comprehensive printing system in order to have the ability to fulfill demanding designs for your flexible packaging. One is Flexographic printing and the other is Rotogravure printing. Both are equipped with world-class printing machines to ensure that our customers will receive a high quality of work.

Flexographic Printing  

     It is a perfect answer for monolayer film as the film will not be stretched during printing. Consequently our products will be handling without registration problem.

Rotogravure Printing

     One of the most advantages of rotogravure printing is an ink consistency which brings you high quality printing producing a sharp, fine image. Moreover it serves long-run order without the image degrading so it best serves economic printing.


Design Service

     Our in-house designers take great care in designing packaging that is both visually compelling as well as functional. Eye-catching products will be outstanding in the market and we also constantly develop high-value product by combining expertise and modern technology. Accordingly, we can give various product options to the market.

Research & Development

     Our team of professional researchers and specialists work in a standard guaranteed laboratory equipped with modern technology. The private laboratory gives us the chance to improve film quality, solve the problems, and explore new ways for material development.

     To make sure that our customers’ production line can operate smoothly and to provide them with a greater level of satisfaction, we provide efficient supply chain by integrating all productions, starting from selecting proprietary materials, running operation at industry’s highest standards, and serving our customers with superior quality products.

Efficient Supply Chain
Hygienic Production

     All of our factories meet international hygiene standards. Our Sinsakhon plant aims to reach class 100,000 - US FED STD 209E Cleanroom Standards – which permits 100,000 particles of size 0.5 mm or larger per cubic foot of air. With temperature and moisture control, we are able to keep the best printing quality intact and prevent contamination.

In-house Blown Film

     Having an in-house blown film machine allows us to conduct rapid product development and bring customers’ idea to the market quickly. Moreover, we are able to optimize the use of different film properties to deliver the right solutions for customers.

Versatile Extrusion & Dry Lamination

     Extrusion and dry lamination are different manufacturing to deliver intended package performance. Extrusion lamination structure is bonded with molten resin which suits for product that requires flexibility or odor sensitivity. It is also best for large scale production. On the other hand, dry lamination structure is bonded with adhesive and requires short set up time.